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We are an online traffic school in Solano County. With our fast and affordable online course, you can mask traffic violations for good. Of course, our courses are 100% DMV licensed for all counties in California.

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 Traffic School in Solano County – CA

If you have received a traffic ticket in Solano County or you are ordered by Solano County traffic court  to take the traffic school, attending the course at a traditional classroom can be hectic and cumbersome. We offer a convenient alternative and offer an online traffic course.  Traffic School 2 U offers a traffic course on internet which helps students to erase their traffic ticket.  Our online traffic course also helps students in becoming safer drivers and improving their defensive driving skills by explaining new laws regarding operating cell phone, texting etc. while driving.

24/7 Customer Service

We provide support to all our students 24/7 when you need it, day or night. If you have any questions, call us any time and a US-based customer service team will assist you. We are becoming a number one choice by students for the quality service. What are you waiting for? Enroll in TrafficSchool2U today.

Our Online Traffic School is APPROVED by the following courts

Fairfield Court
Vallejo Court

Important Online Traffic School Information

Generally, you are eligible to attend our traffic school to mask a traffic safety violation on a California driver record unless one of the following is true:

  1. You have already attended a traffic violator course within 18 months of the citation.
  2. You hold a commercial license as defined in California Vehicle Code section 15210.
  3. You hold a commercial driver license from out of state.
  4. The violation occurred in a commercial motor vehicle as defined in Vehicle Code section 15210.
  5. The conviction would result in a violation point count of more than one point. (A list of Vehicle Code two point violations may be found on the Department of Motor Vehicles web site.

Source: List of Online Traffic School provided by DMV – http://DMV.CA.GOV

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