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If you get a traffic ticket in Marin Country, our online traffic school in Marin County can help you to erase  your traffic ticket by simply taking our online course. Our Traffic School Online offers an online Defensive Driving Course which is fast, easy, and hassle-free.  Our traffic course is CA state approved  to give you the highest quality for the affordable price you deserve. Becoming your Top Choice for Quality!!!!!!

Traffic School Online in Marin County
  • California State (DMV) and Court-Approved courses
  • Online Course content covering California  state’s traffic laws
  • Enhance your Defensive Driving Skills
  • Learn New Techniques for Safe Driving
  • Quick and Easy Online Traffic Course
Our Online Traffic School is APPROVED by the following courts

Marin County Superior Court 
Address:  3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael,  California 94903
Phone: (415) 444-7180
Web Site:

Traffic School Online

Sometimes it happens that you violate a traffic law unintentionally while driving a vehicle and as soon as you move ahead, police follows you and charge you for violation of traffic laws. But instead of spending a lot of money and getting stressed, you need not to worry anymore because an efficient traffic school will definitely help you in getting rid of that violation. Following is a critical review of a well known online traffic school named as

  1. Quick and Easy Online Training:

Their dynamic and experienced team will provide you training regarding traffic rules within limited time duration. Instead of attending regular classes, they will provide you online training at your home. You can apply from anywhere and study from any place; they will train you and provide you a certificate. Traffic school 2 u have an expert team that will offer you informative and practical lessons regarding traffic rules and their violation. Along with all this, traffic school 2 u will save all your tasks accordingly.

  1. California DMV Licensed Course:

Traffic School 2 u provide its wide range of services, courses and trainings to individuals in all countries in California while it also serves all courts in California. They are the most committed online traffic school that offers you a variety of courses in less cost. Their courses are licensed from DMV and if you find any other DMV licensed course that charges less fees from its customers than they have a 100 % money back guarantee to their customers.

  1. No Hidden Fees and Additional Costs:

In order to provide convenience and facilities to our clients, this online school offer training and our courses in a very reasonable as well as an affordable cost of just $ 19.95. On the other hand, if you get offline training, then you have to pay heavy charges in return.

  1. All Cards are accepted:

Traffic school 2 u accept all cards for fee payment and for your convenience it, also accept money order as well as cheque from its clients.

  1. 24/7 Customer Service:

Professionals will provide you an extraordinary customer service and will resolve all your problems and issues. Our priority is to get customer satisfaction and provide them all services in order to release them from allegation and record of a violation of traffic.

  1. Allowed To Take Any Course As Many Times Till You Pass:

Traffic School 2 U provides you all information and trainings so that you may learn as soon as possible. You have to just answer 25 questions in order to pass final examination. They will allow you to retake course, many times if you don’t clear it once while in the state of California you are restricted for only two tries.

  1. Security of Information:

Expert team of Traffic school 2 u make it sure that our customers’ information and data should be kept confidential as well as secure. In order to secure your information, they use SSL (secure socket layer) that functions to save and secure your information.

  1. No Delays in provision of Certificate:

We will provide you course completion certificate as soon as you complete and pass the course. If your court date is within a few days that don not worry because traffic school 2 U is just for you. They will also send your course completion information electronically to court without any additional or hidden costs.

What Customers’ Say:

Customers are fully satisfied with all trainings and courses that they cleared from traffic school 2 u. One of the best things that customers’ really appreciated is their efficient services. They provide course completion certificates to their clients as soon as they complete and pass the course. Along with all the features, their fee is very less.

Recommendations by Customers:

It is best to get proper trainings and courses from traffic school to you as they are pioneers in this field and they are licensed in all countries in California so you can easily avail their services and get rid of the charge of violation in your driving experience

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