Traffic Tickets & Traffic Schools in California

  • In California, as a licensed driver you can attend a traffic school once every eighteen months. If you opt to attend traffic school, you pay the regular court fine plus a traffic school fee.
  • Traffic school is an eight-hour course. All California courts also accept a traffic school offered on the Internet. Your insurance company will not find out about your ticket and the DMV will not access a point against your license.
  • If you are charged with a two-point violation, you will not be eligible for traffic school. Reckless Driving (23103 VC), Exhibition of Speed (23109 VC), driving at 100 mph (22348 VC) are examples of two point violations.
  • A charge of Reckless Driving and Exhibition of Speed may be charged as a misdemeanor instead of an infraction. Misdemeanors carry more serious consequences.
  • Insurance companies may choose not to increase your premiums if you only have one point against you within the prior12-month period. Be sure to check with your insurance company.

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