Smart phone/Texting while driving – A Life Threatening Habit

Thanks to the modern technology that has changed our lives. Computers and cell phones have left are two most important inventions of human race that has totally changed our lifestyle leaving a hallmark to brilliance and excellence for the next generations to come. Both these great inventions serve the common purpose that is to provide information with entertainment and to connect people. Now, you can talk to your friend living in a different continent or country. You must have heard the saying that there are two sides of everything, one being good and other being ugly. This is exactly the case with computers and cell phones.

Texting on Cell Phone – An Addiction

If you happen to visit a nearby park, any office, a shopping center or any restaurant then you will surely see one thing. Every person is busy texting on his or her cell phone such that he does not even know what is happening in his surroundings. If I say that we have now become addicted to cell phones then it will certainly be true. Though, there is nothing harm in texting on phone yet there are some situations and certain places where it is highly advised not to use mobile phone.

Texting While Driving

The first lesson traffic school online teaches to the students is that never use cell phone while driving. Defensive driving is all about driving safely and you cannot drive safely while using your cell phone. We have become so addicted to cell phone that we pick up mobile the second we heard our message tone ringing and all this happens unconsciously. Majority of the people keep on texting while driving thinking that it will take just a few seconds. They do not realize the fact that they may have to regret for these few seconds they spend on texting throughout their whole life.

Looking On The Statistics

Following are some shocking statistics about texting while driving.

v According to a report given by National traffic department, almost 18% of accidents that took place in United States in the year 2010 were due to distractions caused by the use of cell phones during driving. A total of 3,092 innocent people lost their lives in these accidents and 416,000 people got badly injured.

v A transportation company in their report mentioned that texting during driving increases the risk of crash up to 23 times.

v Another report says that roughly 11 percent of the people who survived a serious car accident accepted that they are texting on their cell phone at the time of accident.

Texting during driving is similar to a suicide so it is highly advised leaving this bad habit of yours to ensure safe driving as it is in your own benefit. You must also join any Traffic School in Los Angeles or a registered Traffic School in California or any other school present in your neighborhood just to polish your driving skills. is a great online traffic school in California that can be a good option as this school is DVM registered and most importantly, it has a very reasonable fee.

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