How to Pick a Good Online Traffic School?


So, you just received a traffic ticket and now you are looking for a reliable and well reputed traffic school. You are not alone as every year thousands of people receive traffic ticket. Most of them have to take traffic classes in order to get back their license. There are some other people as well who want to join traffic school just for the sake of updating their knowledge regarding traffic rules and to learn defensive driving.

Picking Traffic School in San Francisco and other States

I am not sure for what purpose you want to join traffic school but what I am sure about is that following action plan will surely help you in picking the best traffic school in Los Angeles or in any Courts and Counties in California and other states.

Step 1 – Check if you are Eligible

First, you have to check if you are eligible for taking traffic classes or not. Even traffic course cannot help you in removing your points or getting back your license in case of some serious traffic violations. You may visit court to know more about your eligibility.

Step 2- Select Between Alternatives

When it comes to taking traffic classes, then you have two options. Option one is to join a traditional walk-in traffic school and other two is to get enrolled in online classes. Most of the states including California accept traffic certificates given by online traffic schools.

Step 3 – Select The Traffic School

There are thousands of online as well as offline traffic school but not all of them are registered. You should visit the court website in order to get the list of all traffic schools that are DMV registered. DMV stands for department of motor vehicles. The court only accepts the certificate of those traffic schools that are DMV registered.

Step 4 – Get Course And Other Details

Now, when you have shortlisted a few schools then the next task is to get more information about the reputation and credibility of these schools. In addition, you must also get to know about the courses offered and fee structure. The course to be covered is same whether it is traffic school in Oakland or traffic school in Alameda. Location and timing matter a lot in case of a traditional school. It is better to join school that is near your office or home and that offer classes in evening when you are free. Prefer joining course that teaches stuff like safe driving techniques in bad weather or in crowded areas etc.

Step 5 – Ask About the Course Completion Date

If court has given orders to join a traffic school then you should also know that most of the courts give limited time to complete the course. You have to complete it within this time. So, it is very important to check the completion date of course you are interested to get enrolled in. You must also have a few days left with you after completing the course as it needs a day or two in sending the certificate to court.

Step 6 – Get Registered

Now, when you have completed all your homework then it is the time to get enrolled for the course. Majority of the online schools just requires you to get the scanned copy of your traffic ticket for getting registered.

Do not forget to send certificate to the court after completing traffic course. If you have a busy schedule and you cannot take regular classes then you must join traffic school online. is a great online traffic school in California.

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