Online Traffic Course, Eligibility & Requirements !!!!!!

Online traffic school is not intended for training students to obtain the deriving license. Traffic School 2 U  course has been reviewed and approved to meet the requirements for the traffic violator school program. This Traffic course allows you to dismiss a traffic ticket and meet a court-ordered requirement.


Pursuant to Vehicle Code section 1808.7, the following situations are not eligible for masking a traffic safety violation on a California driver record:

  1. The driver has already attended a traffic violator course within 18 months of the conviction.
  2. The driver holds a commercial license as defined in Vehicle Code section 15210.
  3. The driver holds a commercial driver license from out of state.
  4. The violation occurred in a commercial motor vehicle as defined in Vehicle Code section 15210.
  5. The violator has not paid a deposit of fees or bail, and has not pleaded guilty, no contest, or been convicted by the court of jurisdiction.
  6. The conviction would result in a violation point count of more than one point pursuant to Vehicle Code section 12810.
    A list of Vehicle Code two point violations may be found on the Department of Motor Vehicles web site,
Requirements for Completion of Traffic school Online:

This site will require your California driver license or California identification number, or, if you do not have a California driver license or California identification card, your birth date, the court reference number (docket, ticket or citation number) and the court code. These are requirements for receiving a completion receipt and to have the information sent to the court of jurisdiction should you successfully pass this course. If you are unable to provide the required information, your participation shall not be credited toward satisfying the requirement.

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