What is the Cost and Duration of an Online Traffic Course?

The online traffic courses have left behind walk-in courses not only in California but also in various other states. This is mainly due to the lesser cost and ease of taking online classes. But still there are a large number of people who do not have permanent access to internet and computers. These people do not have any option then to join a walk-in course. If you are one of them than following link can help you in finding the best DMV registered traffic school


There are several factors that affect the cost of an offline traffic course, one being location. The court fee for different traffic violations varies from one state to the other so does the traffic school enrollment fee. All the online traffic schools mostly offer fixed price. This price usually ranges between $10 and $20. You will save money on travelling as online classes can be taken anywhere, even at your home or office. This is why majority of the people prefer online traffic schools over offline schools.

As far as California State is concerned, the state rules restrict you the traffic violators to take at least 400 minutes of traffic training which means you will have to take a lot of time from your busy schedule every day which is obviously difficult. Some offline schools require you to spend whole day in the classroom which makes it even worst. Online traffic schools on the other hand, gives you privilege to take classes whenever you are free. You may take half class in the morning before going for job and remaining class late-night, all depends on your own schedule. In other words, you can easily continue your traffic course with your job and other responsibilities. This is not possible in case of walk-in courses.

The selection of a traffic school is a very tough job as you have to take care of a lot of things. If you have received traffic ticket and court has restricted you to join traffic school than it is better to join the one that can complete the course within imposed time. You must send the course certificate to the court on or before given time. You may fax it to save time but do not forget to tell the concerned person that you have sent the fax. You must also save the copies of fax with you. If you are sending it through shipping than send it before time as shipping also requires some time.

Sometimes, the traffic school sends certificate directly to the court on the behalf of student. This is fine but it is your responsibility to confirm if court received the certificate or not. Though, the foremost purpose of attending traffic school is to enhance your driving skills yet its other purpose is to get back your license and you cannot do so unless court receives your certificate. You must be aware of the procedure being followed by the court after it receives certificate. The idea is to ensure that your efforts are being acknowledged and this can only happen if relevant authorities receive certificate.

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