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How to fight the traffic tickets


Everybody wants to avoid traffic tickets that sometimes cost them much. People know the importance of their money. The traffic controller or the police officer searches for the opportunity of violating the law from your side so that traffic tickets are made. Some people exert the efforts to avoid such kind of tickets. In this, some become successful, but the others’ efforts go all in vain.

The officer might be wrong sometimes, but on the other time the ticket is because of your negligence. The chances are still there to avoid if you are found wrong. There are some the techniques that if used can prevent you from traffic tickets,

Avoid careless driving: The most important thing is that if you obey the rules, nobody will charge you anything but if you violate them, the liability will be on your side to pay. It is much better to be aware of the situation and to follow the traffic guidelines.

Use your mind: Whenever you are charged with the ticket, discuss this with the officer. Impress him that you have a complete knowledge of the situation, which caused ticket, and you are right. Convince him with your attitude and the sincerity with the traffic laws.

Check out the details: It is your right to check the details provided on the ticket and to discuss them, when you think they are not presenting the actual scenario. If the officer has prepared a ticket against you, make sure that the amount charged is less or try to make it less by negotiating. Tell him that the mistake will not incur in the future.

Take the assistance of the passers-by: Those standing at the place, where the incident happened might be helpful to you in your fight against traffic tickets. Ask them to express the right picture of the situation and force the officer to cancel the ticket with their assistance.

Approve you innocence: If you are charged with the ticket, approve yourself that you were innocent and were not aware of the action, which caused all that. It might be the effective way to fight the tickets. You might say that something that causes this event was not obvious on the road that is why, the event occurred.

Ticket cancellation: The tickets given for not having the driving license or the documents of your car, are cancelled at the time, you present them later. It is much better to take them with you during the journey.

Go to the court: Last but not the least, challenge the ticket in the court and make you free from it. Keep it in mind that you need to have proper evidence about the situation that caused you such heavy ticket. Thoroughly read the law regarding the matter at hand.

These are some of the major ways; in which, you can fight the tickets. The best one is that where you have complete knowledge about the situation. Only at that time you will be able to discuss and talk over. Without knowledge, you will never be able to fight and win.

Right Of Ways During Driving


There are some rules that the people need to adopt make sure the safety. Vehicles on the roads are supposed to take turns in accordance with the situation. The drivers in them should be really careful. A little mistake can be very dangerous for all the people around. Reaching at your destination requires the agile thinking as in the way, there exist multiple intersections and turns, which you have to take. If you do not take care and give no consideration to the vehicles around, the chances of accidents are high. You can endanger your life with others. If the rule of right of ways is adopted, the situation can be changed to a very large extent.

Those who are in a hurry or have right to turn or go first should be allowed to do so. Emergency, construction, police and other such like vehicles should be provided with this right; as they are obviously performing their sacred duties on the road. There must be some educational programs regarding the road safety, so that everyone could get the benefit of it. You can not only save your life, but the other will be safe and sound with your acting upon the rules and regulations. It is every driver’s responsibility to know, whether the right of way is yielded to him or not by the other driver. If the drivers on the road do not practice this right, the problem will be created and there will be a chaos like situation on the roads.

Sometimes the law is silent and you, by using your common sense, have to follow accordingly to make the environment more secure. For example, in the traffic if every person in the vehicle tries to speed up on every turn and intersections, he will be violating the rights of others, who is already standing to take turns. The first one is seriously making the lives of every person in danger by driving carelessly.

The most common place of accidents

The intersections are very commonplace, where the collisions occur between the vehicles. Lack of knowledge about the right of ways becomes the reason of accidents. It is advisable to take the situation with sense and do not get hurry. It is better to let the other go first. A little prevention is much better to avoid a huge mishap. Knowledge of the road safety is a very significant; everybody on the road should come up with fresh and open mind. There has always been a need for collaboration among the drivers and the persons walking on the footpath. Make sure you know the impression of others to avoid any predicted incident.

Who has more right?

Persons walking on the foot have more right of the ways. They should be given space and must be accommodated. The drivers should be properly trained so that they become aware of the situation in no time. If the drivers understand the right of ways, the roads will be safe and sound place to travel on. It teaches us a lesson of respecting other vehicles and their rights on the road.

Risk Of Drunk Driving


Driving is a very sensitive thing, it becomes more sensitive, when you are not serious about it and involve yourself in other activities during it. There are many risks that are attached with you especially at the time when you are drunk. You might become the cause of major road accidents, which might create problems not only for you, but also for the person, you have hit. They are really in danger when you are drunk and driving.

It makes you physically absent and you become unaware of the danger ahead. It will be justified to say that driving at the time, when you are drunk means, you are going to become the cause of major mishap. It is much better to keep yourself away from the drinking. In the previous years, it has been observed that the driving in such situation was the main reason for road accidents.

Some of the major risks related to this are as follows,

Crash into something: When you are not in your senses, it will be difficult for you to observe the things in front of you. The person driving can crash into other vehicles or any other thing. The consequences will be disastrous for everybody around.

Heavy fines: If you are drunk and driving carelessly you might be charged with the heavy fines by the traffic controller or other authorities. The punishment may be more than that and you may be in a prison cell for some days as well.

Risk of life: Due to drinking, you or the person hit by your car might get injured severely and the loss might be extended to the loss of life as well. It is very risky to drive in this condition. It is drinking, which is being considered one of the main factors of the accidents. Life is a very precious thing for you and for your kith and kin, so make sure that you drive the car, when you are present physically and mentally.

Disgrace in the society: The person caught by the police for driving in the drunken condition faces a disgrace in the society. It seriously damages that person’s reputation among the people. He might face imprisonment for a longer period of time. That means, there is no benefit of drinking and then driving; it will only defame you everywhere.

Severe consequences: After you are colliding with something, the results will be disastrous and might include the loss of one’s life. If not, then the acute injuries will be healed after a longer period of time. Make sure that you are well aware of the situation and the car in under your control. Slow down your car, when the population is ahead and speed it up when needed.

Claims by the parties: Drunk driver always increases the chances of accidents and if the predicted mishap occurs, the person hit by his car has the right to claim a heavy amount for the financial as well as non-financial loss to him or her. The risk of financial loss increases if any such situation arises.

Safe and Defensive Driving Prevent Accidents


It is a very famous proverb that prevention is better than cure. Just a little concentration during the driving can make your journey safer from the danger ahead. Your life is very precious to your family; you need to be really careful about taking risks. Nobody wants to have any kind of accident that will harm financially or non-financially to the person driving.

There are certain techniques that should be adopted at the time or before driving, they are mentioned below,

Control the speed limit: You are not supposed to speed up every time you want, but the place will determine what your speed will be. Keep it on and the whole of the vehicle under your control, so that you could know what speed is suitable in a certain situation and place.

Maintain your vehicle: Make it sure that your vehicle is appropriate for the journey, where you are heading. Everything about it should be properly maintained if all such things are all right; this means it is ready to be your companion. It is advisable to make it check from the mechanic and to keep extra parts of the vehicle with you.

Understand the driving rules: The driving rules and regulations are necessary to follow. For instance, tie up your seat belt and make sure, you are properly trained before driving. You should be sharp minded, so that any uncontrollable situation far away from you could be anticipated.

Change your habits: If it is your habit to listen to music loudly while driving, then change it before it become the cause of some harmful situation. Things like this distract your attention. Change these habits and make sure that you do not involve yourself in any such thing that might create a problem for you, during the driving.

Keep the children away: You need to keep your children away from you; when you are on the driving seat. They do not know what will be the consequences of a little mistake but you know. Ask others in the car to take care of them or If they are alone, tie their seat belt in this way, they will not move to and fro.

Take the assistance of side mirrors: Before moving to the left or right direction, take a look at the mirror on the side, where you want to take a turn. At the same, it is your duty to turn on the indicator on that side as well. In this way, you and the driver in the vehicle coming from the backside will become aware of any such turn. It is a much more effective way to avoid even a little cash.

Avoid driving in bad weather: If the weather is not suitable for the driving, avoid getting out of your home and setting out on the journey. The windy, rainy or any likewise weather creates the chances of an accident to a large extent. Delay your journey and wait till it gets better.

These are some of the major rules that, if adopted, will prevent you from any major incident to come about. The crucial factor is your concentration whenever, you are on the driving seat.


Defensive and Safe Driving


Driving becomes very difficult sometimes, when you are not having your attention toward it. The most important thing is that you are distracted and do not alert about the situation ahead. If you forget this purpose and want to involve yourself in other things, discard driving the car and ask others to do so. It is much better rather to become the cause of any trouble. Make yourself aware of the rules of the traffic and then drive otherwise, you are not worthy of driving. It becomes the most dangerous thing, not only for you, but for the people around. These rules are very important and should be kept in mind in any case. The driving courses will be assisting in this regard.

Those who are so much interested in driving without prior training, they are really not taking care of themselves, but they should consider the other people, who might get injured or lose their lives just because of your careless behavior.

Prevent the driving in the following case,

  1. If you are used to drinking and cannot leave it at any cost, just prevent sitting on the driving seat. You can only sit in the car when there is someone else worthy to drive properly. Drinking is the most common factor that becomes the cause of major accidents on the road.
  2. Some or all the minors, who drive the car, should be strictly banned. Their elders should prevent them from driving. They are illegible and cannot perform this thing properly. They need to understand the importance of driving test before driving on the roads. If they pass it, they should be allowed, but still under their senior guardians.
  3. Discard driving if the road that leads to your destination is under construction. It is much better to take a smooth way, which will not create any problem for you during the journey. Strictly avoid driving, especially at the time, when you are a new driver.
  4. If your car is not working properly and there is some problem with it, avoid taking it on the journey. It will be really dangerous to do so, as if you car pulls up in a place, which is very far away from the populated area or where there is no mechanic around, you might lose your time and there will be no one to help you in this regard.
  5. Driving becomes really become a headache for you, especially at the time, when you are not eligible and are caught by a traffic controller. After the heavy fines, you might get imprisonment by the relevant authorities. So make sure that you are eligible and are having your driving license and the documents of your vehicle with you.
  6. Stop your vehicle immediately, if you are to listen to your phone or you want to text a message. Avoid your cell phone otherwise; it is dangerous to do so.

See the weather condition, and then decide; whether, it will be safe and sound to head toward your journey or not. if it is raining, prevent driving and wait till it stops

Eligibility For Traffic School – Guideline For New Drivers


Am I eligible for going to traffic school? This is the question almost every driver asks whether he has recently started driving or is an expert in this field. Though, every person can and should join traffic school in order to polish his driving skills and get up-to-date information about traffic laws but there are certain things without which you cannot join a traffic school.

Eligibility Criterion For Traffic School

Following is an eligibility criterion adopted by both traditional and online traffic schools.

Driving License

You are legally and officially not allowed to join a traffic school unless you have a valid driving license. This in other words means that minor cannot join traffic school. Every traffic schools require detailed information about your driving history before giving admission to you.

Using a Non Commercial Vehicle

90% of the people take admission in traffic school online only because state law requires them to do so. According to traffic laws, if any incidence happens while driving a noncommercial vehicle then the driver should be charged with moving traffic ticket and he should go to traffic school.

You Received Ticket for Moving Violation

Hundreds of people get traffic tickets every day for a variety of reasons like fast driving, taking wrong turns, drinking alcohol while driving, texting while driving etc. There are a few selective cases in which court orders the drivers to take traffic course. Normally, you are eligible for taking admission in a traditional or online traffic school only if you received a ticket for moving violation not for nonmoving violation. In other word, you are non-eligible to join a traffic school if you received ticket for

  • Equipment related issues
  • Misbehavior with traffic constable
  • Drinking alcohol while driving
  • Wrong parking
  • Not wearing seat belts
  • Speed up to 25mph more than the standard speed

Courtesy Notice

You can join a traffic school online only if you have received a courtesy notice from the court of your respective state.

90 Days Expired

The courtesy notice you receive contains fee details for joining driver improvement traffic classes. You are eligible to join a traffic school within 90 days of paying the traffic school fee to the court. You will lose your eligibility after 90 days so it is highly suggested taking admission in any traffic school right after receiving the courtesy notice and paying the fee to the court. If you have tough routine that does not allows you to take classes then you may go for online traffic schools as they does not require your physical presence in the classrooms.

Once After Every 18 Months

You can take traffic course just once in every 18 months which means that if you attended a traffic school during the last 18 months then you are not eligible to attend it again even if you have received a traffic ticket for moving violation.

Here, it is to bring in your notice that if court orders you to join traffic school and you still do not take admission in any traffic schools then you insurance cost will increase up to a great extent.