Why Online Traffic School?

In California if a person owns a speeding ticket then it will be considered as criminal and strict laws will be implemented on it. Sometimes this ticket is challenged in the court. For that purpose a person will hire a lawyer and will face a jury trial. The person will pay the lawyer charges, court charges and the other taxes also if he loses the case.

The other option is to arrange a judge that will help you to lower your charges and the fines. But that doesn’t mean that it will remove the label of speeding ticket on your driving record. Also the premiums that you will pay after having a speeding ticket will not get lessen even after arranging the judge.

The drivers that get the speeding ticket can throw it away before going to attend the preventive driving course. They also have an option to ask from the court to exploit it or they can also appeal in the court. Because all the people that have entered the driving course class meet the needs or the requirements.

A few abilities are also checked in a person before the protective driving course. That should not have another driving permit. There is also a possibility that a driver has finished a preventive driving course but sometimes it doesn’t appear on his driving history or record. For that a person is require to attend the movement school by signing a document with the consent of the court.

You can join this online driving school by just signing up on the internet. You will be answerable for that specific period of time in which you are taking the courses. Otherwise, you can join or leave the course whenever you want it.

Opposing driving courses are the best option to cancel the activity ticket. Drivers have no incentives to reach the preventive driving courses.



Instructions to prevent you from getting speeding ticket

If you are having a speeding ticket then it will have a negative impact on your driving record. The insurance agencies will be informed and you will have to pay a monthly premium for that. If this disobedience is consistent then there is a possibility that your permit will be suspended. You can also go for an option to learn this driving course online that will be of low cost.

  • DDS (Defensive driving solution) is an online class of driving that will enable you to get the authentication of the approach that you have finished a state sanction protective driving course which will eject your speeding infraction from your driving history. That is a six hour course. You only have to collect the material for which a long time span is provided to make you ready to take the test at the end of the year. This time is of 180 days and which is enough to collect the material to take the exam. After passing the course, you will get the authority declaration. That will be professed by every municipal court in your region.
  • The course is divided into these specific categories which include activity security system, driving execution, state and nearby movement laws, liquor and driving impaired. Every category will get finished when you will bring the feature presentation and itemized data. These things are also included in the final exams. Here you will get a long duration to complete the survey to reduce the pressure on you. You can collect the data from where you want to.
  • You can take the final exams for three times to achieve a passing review. The feature presentation and itemized data will help you to take the exams. The questions will be chosen randomly from the data you have provided in form of presentation and itemized data. You must need to get 70% marks in the review then you will get the statement of termination.
  • After regular intervals of time, you will have to give the municipal court an official approval. This approval should be given on due date. That will depend upon you to regularly follow the rules by giving the duplicate of the authorization. Besides these duplicates, you also need some extra duplicates to send to the insurance agencies.

Safety precautions during night driving

The driving schools guide the student drivers to cope the various situations during driving. After completing the course from this school you will get a complete knowledge of streets and how to drive carefully there. You will be completely guided about the driving skills and that course will also let you know about the safety measures on road while driving especially at night time. If you are driving on the road at night then there are some specific measures that you should be taken into consideration while driving:

  • When you are driving at night then remember to maintain a distance between you and the next car. That will be so helpful because it will prevent you from any accident. Here the purpose to maintain the distance is to make you aware of the next car or the movement.
  • You should have a clear understanding of the road and the location where you are traveling, that will prevent you from any mishap at night.
  • Make sure that your wipers are in proper condition because if there is rainy or stormy weather outside then it will protect you from disturbance. Secondly you can also use the downpour shield to save your wind screen.
  • Make sure that your lights are in proper functioning. That will prevent you from the accidents at night. Because a vehicle that is coming from the back is not able to see you on the road because of the absence of your indicator and break lights so you can face the trouble.


Advantages and Disadvatnges of fighting a Traffic Ticket


Whether you get a traffic violation because you forgot to use your turn signal or a speeding ticket because you were driving too fast on a two-lane road, it’s common to freak out when you receive a traffic ticket.

After all, traffic tickets bring annoying, expensive, and sometimes even serious penalties like:

  • Fines and other costs like increased car insurance rates.
  • Driving record points (in certain states).
  • License suspension (depending on the violation or accumulated points).

In light of all that, it makes sense to spend some time weighing the pros and cons of fighting the traffic citation in court.

Fight Traffic Ticket Advantages

The potential benefits of challenging a traffic ticket include:

  • The possibility of having all charges dropped. This means no fines to pay, no traffic ticket added to your driving record, and depending on your state’s traffic laws, no driving record points.
  • Winning your case will keep your car insurance premiums in check. Auto insurance providers maintain close watch on driving records. The more egregious the traffic violation – reckless driving, DUI, speeding tickets – on your driving record, the more likely you’ll be notified of a jump in your car insurance rates.
  • A plea bargain agreement may be reached before going to court, resulting in reduced charges.
  • You’ll maintain your driving privileges. Depending on the state of your driving record, one more traffic ticket could cause the state to suspend or revoke your driving privileges. Keeping the ticket off your record will prevent this, sparing you from the inconvenience of public transportation and soliciting rides from friends and family.
  • Depending on the nature of your work, having charges dropped could save your job. This bears especially true with commercial drivers.
  • Depending on the traffic ticket and your driving record, no mandatory enrollment in a court-approved traffic school, saving you time and tuition costs.

Contest Traffic Ticket Disadvantages

The negatives behind challenging traffic tickets in court include:

  • Major time drain. Contesting a ticket requires at least two weekday court visits. And if you opt to represent yourself, you will need to prepare your case by gathering and organizing evidence, which includes contacting witnesses.
  • You must pay legal fees if you hire a traffic ticket attorney. Depending on the length of the trial and the nature of the case, this could be extremely costly.
  • There are no guarantees. Even after presenting your case, the judge could still rule against you. This means not only will you still face all penalties associated with the traffic citation (fines, points, possible car insurance rate increase…), but you will also be saddled with court and legal fees.

Did we miss anything? Share your traffic ticket experiences with our online community by leaving your wisdom in the comment section below.


How to Pick a Good Online Traffic School?


So, you just received a traffic ticket and now you are looking for a reliable and well reputed traffic school. You are not alone as every year thousands of people receive traffic ticket. Most of them have to take traffic classes in order to get back their license. There are some other people as well who want to join traffic school just for the sake of updating their knowledge regarding traffic rules and to learn defensive driving.

Picking Traffic School in San Francisco and other States

I am not sure for what purpose you want to join traffic school but what I am sure about is that following action plan will surely help you in picking the best traffic school in Los Angeles or in any Courts and Counties in California and other states.

Step 1 – Check if you are Eligible

First, you have to check if you are eligible for taking traffic classes or not. Even traffic course cannot help you in removing your points or getting back your license in case of some serious traffic violations. You may visit court to know more about your eligibility.

Step 2- Select Between Alternatives

When it comes to taking traffic classes, then you have two options. Option one is to join a traditional walk-in traffic school and other two is to get enrolled in online classes. Most of the states including California accept traffic certificates given by online traffic schools.

Step 3 – Select The Traffic School

There are thousands of online as well as offline traffic school but not all of them are registered. You should visit the court website in order to get the list of all traffic schools that are DMV registered. DMV stands for department of motor vehicles. The court only accepts the certificate of those traffic schools that are DMV registered.

Step 4 – Get Course And Other Details

Now, when you have shortlisted a few schools then the next task is to get more information about the reputation and credibility of these schools. In addition, you must also get to know about the courses offered and fee structure. The course to be covered is same whether it is traffic school in Oakland or traffic school in Alameda. Location and timing matter a lot in case of a traditional school. It is better to join school that is near your office or home and that offer classes in evening when you are free. Prefer joining course that teaches stuff like safe driving techniques in bad weather or in crowded areas etc.

Step 5 – Ask About the Course Completion Date

If court has given orders to join a traffic school then you should also know that most of the courts give limited time to complete the course. You have to complete it within this time. So, it is very important to check the completion date of course you are interested to get enrolled in. You must also have a few days left with you after completing the course as it needs a day or two in sending the certificate to court.

Step 6 – Get Registered

Now, when you have completed all your homework then it is the time to get enrolled for the course. Majority of the online schools just requires you to get the scanned copy of your traffic ticket for getting registered.

Do not forget to send certificate to the court after completing traffic course. If you have a busy schedule and you cannot take regular classes then you must join traffic school online. trafficschool2u.com is a great online traffic school in California.

Purpose of Traffic School Online


The term does not have the same meaning in every state of the U.S. In some states traffic school is an in class or in person school along with a corresponding internet or online school providing some of the following courses:

Although the course objectives sound different, the primary goal of a person taking these courses is to:

  1. Dismiss a traffic ticket issued by police or highway patrol
  2. Remove points on his or her driving record
  3. Learn the driving safety techniques of that respective state
  4. Practice driving with a driver improvement program
  5. Gain an insurance discount

Programs are offered through many channels:

1. Internet – Unlike traditional in class schools, this can be more convenient although not as personal.

  • School creates an individual account with the traffic school provider
  • Student pays through a bank issued card or by other means
  • Student completes the traffic school course online. The course is in some cases listenable (through headphones) and in some cases a multimedia course where the user can view animations teaching safe driving techniques and road rules of that respective state. They can contact (phone/chat) the online support and get queries resolved if so provided.
  • Student takes the final exam online. However, in some states like Texas and New York, the final exam is not given, as finishing the final chapter is considered the end of the course.
  • At completion the student receives a notification of successful or unsuccessful status. Upon successful completion, some course certificates are delivered directly to Court/DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and in other states it is delivered to the address the user provides; the user then carries the certificate to court in order to get any traffic tickets or points on the driving record dismissed or removed.

2. Classroom – Traditional, offers a live, face to face experience to the user, as he/she will listen directly to a live instructor and can get any questions answered immediately.

  • User schedules classroom time based on a convenient day and time.
  • Listens to the instructor and is presented with the safe driving techniques and rules of the state.
  • Writes the exam under the supervision of the instructor or a notary, passes the exam and gets the certificate.
  • Takes the certificate to the court to have traffic tickets dismissed or driving record points removed.

3. CD/DVD/On Demand – Another home study method of completion and presentation.

  • User rents or buys a CD or DVD or asks for a telecast.
  • Listens and watches the safe driving techniques and rules of that respective state.
  • Goes to a notary, passes the exam and gets the certificate.
  • Takes the certificate to the court to have traffic tickets dismissed or driving record points removed.

In addition to the United States, a few states and provinces in CanadaAustralia andEurope also have this type of traffic school in place, but compared to other countries the United States course is taken on a large scale.

The providers who offer these courses are usually certified by respective state road/traffic safety bodies, such as:


Online Driver’s Education Becomes Easier

Why waste your valuable time in a classroom course if you can set your own schedule at your own pace.  Just work at your convenience. This gives students the power to determine how their take online traffic school. Traffic School 2 U provides you the power and freedom  to make online traffic school work for you. Our goal is not only help you earn the Certificate of Completion you need, but also gives you a great online educational experience. We take all of the information and break it down so that it is easy to understand, easy to remember, and fun to study.

Our online driver improvement courses teach the fundamentals of everything responsible drivers need to know.

  • California Traffic Laws
  • Basic Vehicle Operation
  • Safe and Defensive Driving Techniques
  •  Road Signs & Driving Etiquette

It is our goal to make every single student a safe driver.

How to fight the traffic tickets


Everybody wants to avoid traffic tickets that sometimes cost them much. People know the importance of their money. The traffic controller or the police officer searches for the opportunity of violating the law from your side so that traffic tickets are made. Some people exert the efforts to avoid such kind of tickets. In this, some become successful, but the others’ efforts go all in vain.

The officer might be wrong sometimes, but on the other time the ticket is because of your negligence. The chances are still there to avoid if you are found wrong. There are some the techniques that if used can prevent you from traffic tickets,

Avoid careless driving: The most important thing is that if you obey the rules, nobody will charge you anything but if you violate them, the liability will be on your side to pay. It is much better to be aware of the situation and to follow the traffic guidelines.

Use your mind: Whenever you are charged with the ticket, discuss this with the officer. Impress him that you have a complete knowledge of the situation, which caused ticket, and you are right. Convince him with your attitude and the sincerity with the traffic laws.

Check out the details: It is your right to check the details provided on the ticket and to discuss them, when you think they are not presenting the actual scenario. If the officer has prepared a ticket against you, make sure that the amount charged is less or try to make it less by negotiating. Tell him that the mistake will not incur in the future.

Take the assistance of the passers-by: Those standing at the place, where the incident happened might be helpful to you in your fight against traffic tickets. Ask them to express the right picture of the situation and force the officer to cancel the ticket with their assistance.

Approve you innocence: If you are charged with the ticket, approve yourself that you were innocent and were not aware of the action, which caused all that. It might be the effective way to fight the tickets. You might say that something that causes this event was not obvious on the road that is why, the event occurred.

Ticket cancellation: The tickets given for not having the driving license or the documents of your car, are cancelled at the time, you present them later. It is much better to take them with you during the journey.

Go to the court: Last but not the least, challenge the ticket in the court and make you free from it. Keep it in mind that you need to have proper evidence about the situation that caused you such heavy ticket. Thoroughly read the law regarding the matter at hand.

These are some of the major ways; in which, you can fight the tickets. The best one is that where you have complete knowledge about the situation. Only at that time you will be able to discuss and talk over. Without knowledge, you will never be able to fight and win.

Right Of Ways During Driving


There are some rules that the people need to adopt make sure the safety. Vehicles on the roads are supposed to take turns in accordance with the situation. The drivers in them should be really careful. A little mistake can be very dangerous for all the people around. Reaching at your destination requires the agile thinking as in the way, there exist multiple intersections and turns, which you have to take. If you do not take care and give no consideration to the vehicles around, the chances of accidents are high. You can endanger your life with others. If the rule of right of ways is adopted, the situation can be changed to a very large extent.

Those who are in a hurry or have right to turn or go first should be allowed to do so. Emergency, construction, police and other such like vehicles should be provided with this right; as they are obviously performing their sacred duties on the road. There must be some educational programs regarding the road safety, so that everyone could get the benefit of it. You can not only save your life, but the other will be safe and sound with your acting upon the rules and regulations. It is every driver’s responsibility to know, whether the right of way is yielded to him or not by the other driver. If the drivers on the road do not practice this right, the problem will be created and there will be a chaos like situation on the roads.

Sometimes the law is silent and you, by using your common sense, have to follow accordingly to make the environment more secure. For example, in the traffic if every person in the vehicle tries to speed up on every turn and intersections, he will be violating the rights of others, who is already standing to take turns. The first one is seriously making the lives of every person in danger by driving carelessly.

The most common place of accidents

The intersections are very commonplace, where the collisions occur between the vehicles. Lack of knowledge about the right of ways becomes the reason of accidents. It is advisable to take the situation with sense and do not get hurry. It is better to let the other go first. A little prevention is much better to avoid a huge mishap. Knowledge of the road safety is a very significant; everybody on the road should come up with fresh and open mind. There has always been a need for collaboration among the drivers and the persons walking on the footpath. Make sure you know the impression of others to avoid any predicted incident.

Who has more right?

Persons walking on the foot have more right of the ways. They should be given space and must be accommodated. The drivers should be properly trained so that they become aware of the situation in no time. If the drivers understand the right of ways, the roads will be safe and sound place to travel on. It teaches us a lesson of respecting other vehicles and their rights on the road.

Risk Of Drunk Driving


Driving is a very sensitive thing, it becomes more sensitive, when you are not serious about it and involve yourself in other activities during it. There are many risks that are attached with you especially at the time when you are drunk. You might become the cause of major road accidents, which might create problems not only for you, but also for the person, you have hit. They are really in danger when you are drunk and driving.

It makes you physically absent and you become unaware of the danger ahead. It will be justified to say that driving at the time, when you are drunk means, you are going to become the cause of major mishap. It is much better to keep yourself away from the drinking. In the previous years, it has been observed that the driving in such situation was the main reason for road accidents.

Some of the major risks related to this are as follows,

Crash into something: When you are not in your senses, it will be difficult for you to observe the things in front of you. The person driving can crash into other vehicles or any other thing. The consequences will be disastrous for everybody around.

Heavy fines: If you are drunk and driving carelessly you might be charged with the heavy fines by the traffic controller or other authorities. The punishment may be more than that and you may be in a prison cell for some days as well.

Risk of life: Due to drinking, you or the person hit by your car might get injured severely and the loss might be extended to the loss of life as well. It is very risky to drive in this condition. It is drinking, which is being considered one of the main factors of the accidents. Life is a very precious thing for you and for your kith and kin, so make sure that you drive the car, when you are present physically and mentally.

Disgrace in the society: The person caught by the police for driving in the drunken condition faces a disgrace in the society. It seriously damages that person’s reputation among the people. He might face imprisonment for a longer period of time. That means, there is no benefit of drinking and then driving; it will only defame you everywhere.

Severe consequences: After you are colliding with something, the results will be disastrous and might include the loss of one’s life. If not, then the acute injuries will be healed after a longer period of time. Make sure that you are well aware of the situation and the car in under your control. Slow down your car, when the population is ahead and speed it up when needed.

Claims by the parties: Drunk driver always increases the chances of accidents and if the predicted mishap occurs, the person hit by his car has the right to claim a heavy amount for the financial as well as non-financial loss to him or her. The risk of financial loss increases if any such situation arises.